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PEKEA Newsletter delivered 15 issues (the first 14 in 3 languages), it was a quarterly review, N°1 appeared in January-March 2005, following the conference in Bangkok where we also decided to set up thematic working groups. In 2006 will be launched the Club of local Governments whilst PEKEA got the international recognition as a NGO consultative to the UN (ECOSOC) and later an OECD Award in Busan (Korea) in 2009.
From n° 9, January- March 2007 on, a basic paper has been published in each issue ; these seven papers, all of great importance, come from various geographic places and different academic fields. They are authored by : Sugimura, anthropologist from Japan, Coraggio, political scientist from Argentina, Nielsen, economist from Danemark, Kumar, political scientist from India, Whitaker, activist from Brazil, Mendell, sociologist from Canada, Badini , historian from Burkina Faso. They document field experiences and give us their analyses and a little from the thinking of Gandhi, Polanyi,Ki-Zerbo…

See the list of published titles, the presentation of the papers and access free download

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